The Columbia Hills has a deep, rich past that truly reflects what a unique and historically important institution it is here in Cleveland, Ohio. The 166 acres of land, originally owned by George L. Williams in 1926, was initially acquired to be used as a pig farm. That plan fell through, however, when the municipality refused to directly deliver food for the pigs; they would not bring it any further than the city limits. Luckily for us, in addition to a passion for farming, George was also an avid golfer bitten by the golf bug the first time he played a round. So when the pig farm plan fell through, he immediately changed his vision for what to do with the property. Mr. Williams hired Harold Paddock to architect the golf course in 1927 and the club, including the Tudor Style Clubhouse (which still stands), was officially opened.

Many believe that Columbia Hills is one of the most scenic golf courses in Northern Ohio, and a country club with one of the most rich and unique histories. Over the years, the property has changed hands between the Williams family and the nonprofit organization called Columbia Hills Country Club, Inc. During these sometimes turbulent transitions, membership has wavered between private and semi-private. Throughout history, however, one item remains constant—the people associated with Columbia Hills remain passionate about preserving its historical significance in the community while striving to make it Northeast Ohio’s premier private club.

Today, new owners and long-time members Fred and Kathy Ode, along with their dedicated team of professionals referred to as “Team Ode,” plan to take the historical landmark and enhance it to be a family-oriented home away from home. “Golf. Family. Friends,” is the club’s mantra and they’re committed to enhancing all three areas to give members a personal experience that goes above and beyond any other club locally.