Rules, Regulations & Policies



Dress Code

Columbia Hills is proud of its standards, and every effort is made to ensure that these standards are upheld. Golfers are expected to wear clothing that is designed primarily for golf, and to dress smartly and appropriately at all times, both on the golf course and in the Clubhouse. Management and staff have both the responsibility and authority to interpret appropriate dress and to ensure that standards are maintained.

MEN shall wear golf slacks or Bermuda length golf shorts. Jeans and cut-offs are not permitted. Golf shirts with a collar must be worn at all times and must always be tucked in. Mock neck shirts are acceptable as long as they have a wide mock neck (1 1/2”) and cannot be construed as a t-shirt. Hats are not permitted to be worn backwards or in the dining room. While on the course, denim is not permitted to be worn at any time and shirts must be tucked in at all times.

In the Clubhouse, it is acceptable for men to wear jeans as long as they are neat in appearance. Additionally, shirts that are not designed to be tucked in (for example: Tommy Bahama shirts, fitted buttondowns, etc.) may remain untucked so long as they maintain a neat appearance.

WOMEN shall wear golf slacks, Bermuda length golf shorts, or golf skirts. Jeans and cut-offs are not permitted on the golf course. Sleeveless and/or collarless tops that present a neat appearance and are appropriate to the game of golf may be worn. Tank tops, halter-tops, tube tops and T-Shirts are not acceptable. Women may wear their shirts un-tucked as long as it presents a neat appearance. Denim is not permitted to be worn at any time on the golf course. Hats are not permitted in the dining room.

Pace of Play

Columbia Hills has developed a “Pace of Play” policy in order to make the golfing experience more enjoyable for our members and guests. To insure this policy is enforced, we do in fact monitor and record the turn times and finish times for all rounds. It is our goal to make sure that everyone plays at a comfortable and enjoyable pace. The pace of play goal at Columbia Hills is 4 hours for member play and 4 hours, 10 minutes with guests. Be aware of your position on the golf course. If you fall behind or cannot catch up to the proper pace of play, please allow the group behind you to play through.


Expect to drive your car up the hill to the main entrance at the front of the clubhouse. Valet will remove your clubs and make sure that the bag staff set your clubs on a cart. At this point please feel to use the locker rooms to change your shoes and/or clothing. After using the locker room please check in at the pro shop. If you do not need to use the locker room please check in at the pro shop upon arrival to ensure the golf staff knows you are present for your tee time.


Dress Code

  • Proper casual attire is required of all Members, their families, and guests.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times in the Clubhouse. Shirts worn in the Clubhouse may be untucked so long as they were designed to be worn this way (e.g. Tommy Bahama shirts) and still maintain a neat appearance.
  • “DRESS DENIM” is permitted in the Pub/Bar, Grille Room, Inside Patio, Outside Patio and Pool. It will not be permitted in the Ballroom, Member Dining Room, Parlor, Boardroom or Columbia Room. No denim is permitted on the Golf Course or Driving Range. These guidelines can be changed by the Board for certain special dates or events.
    The dress denim rules will apply to all ages and genders.
    Dress denim is defined as:
    • Must be full-length pants;
    • NO denim shorts, mini skirts, cutoffs, or shirts.
    • Must not be distressed acid washed or washed-out.
    • Cannot be baggy, low-slung, excessively bell-bottomed, torn or frayed.
    • Must be worn at normal waist height.
    • Must be worn with other clothing that complies with the existing Dress Code.
  • Resort casual is the appropriate dress for most evening activities in the Clubouse. Blue Jeans, cut-offs, tee-shirts and halter tops are not acceptable on the course or in the Clubhouse at any time. (Exception: Dress Denim as prescribed above)
  • Men are requested to remove all caps and visors in the dining room.
  • While on the golf course, men’s shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Please note that the Board expects the members to comply with the spirit of these guidelines.

Food & Beverage

  • Members, their families and guests may not bring food, refreshments, or beverages onto the club property at any time
  • According to Ohio Law, Alcoholic Beverage consumption may only take place from 6:00am to 1:00am Monday thru Saturday and on Sunday from 11:00am to 12:00 midnight.
  • Employees of the Club have the right to refuse service to any person deemed to be intoxicated.
  • Members, their families and guests are not allowed in the kitchen or behind any food or service bars.


Smoking is not allowed in any area of the clubhouse except designated outside areas.


Similar to the golf cell phone etiquette, phones should be set on vibrate mode, especially when dining. You should not disturb members around you. Using the above etiquette in the proper manner will support fellow member enjoyment of the Club.


Reservations are strongly suggested and encouraged. There are some social events that do require a 48 hour cancelation window. Failure to cancel within that time will result in that member incurring a charge for the number of meals in the amount charged for the event.